Authentic Craft Done In Time Honoured Tradition

In the true spirit of the craft revolution we are proud to be a small independent family owned brewery and distillery. Unlike most of the commercial style craft products on the market our products are owner brewed and distilled by hand in small volumes using traditional techniques. We don't do commercial, industrial or backyard, only pure classy craft!

The dream started in 2000 and the original moment of inspiration came long before the current euphoria in the craft industry. After many years of passion and hard work we built a unique business and brand that serves our local community and also represents our little city internationally. We believe in supporting local business and play a role to retain spending in our local economy while having loads of fun by putting smiles on faces of everyone that crosses our liquid inspired path.

Please feel free to take the time to come for a visit us at one of the local markets for something cold and a friendly chat about what we do and where we are going next. After all, our journey on this "crafty road" is all about the people we meet and memories we share together.

Meet us for the ultimate craft experience

The Brewery

Doing authentic craft brewing in small batches using a natural full grain process without the addition of any chemicals or preservatives. Our beers are produced with honour and passion.

The Distillery

Using both reflux and pot stills we produce Whisky, Gin, Rum and Vodka using traditional techniques. Quantities are small to ensure quality and a wide range of spirits.

We Are On The Move

We are busy moving to a new location in Dan Pienaar Avenue. We will be ready in early in 2021 to accept visitors at this safe and central location, follow us on Facebook for updates.

The Experience

Our beverages are crafted, not manufactured. Part of the experience is meeting the folks that puts their passion into the liquid magic and have a casual chat about what makes is so special.

Mobile Units

We have a wide range of mobile units available that is suitable for any event. Get in contact with us should you plan something special and require a few beverages to celebrate.

Markets & Festivals

We get out regularly and attend only the best festivals and local markets in our region. Please follow us on social media to find our where and when we can be found for one of these events.

Corporate Events

Corporate events requires special attention and we always ensure that our products and service won't disappoint. Don't wait until the last minute, book your date well in advance.

Private Parties

Anything from birthday parties to weddings we supply craft products to various events. Once again these dates are booked out well in advance, so please book early.

Golf days & Sponsored Events

Our range of mobile units are well suited for the days when you require something special for your guests at golf days or sponsored events. We make it easy to add the wow factor.

Gift Packs

Our gift packs are unique, classy and rare. Its the ideal purchase if you are looking for a special gift that will be remembered for years to come. It is also perfect for corporate gifts.

Global Exposure

It has been an honour and privilege to represent our country at international events. We don't enter competitions ourselves, but have received recognition for our products over the years.

Enjoy Responsibly

Please use our products responsibly. We are against the abuse of alcohol in any form. We enjoy spending time and building friendships, but hate losing friends due to alcohol abuse.